Innovation and Transfer Management in Science and Industry

General information

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Date: 19 February 2019
Time: 15.00 to 16.30 a.m. (CET)
Language: English
Venue: online
Cost: free


Name: Lutz Engisch
Degree: Prof. Dr. rer.nat
Position: Director iP3-Leipzig (Institute for Printing, Processing and Packaging Leipzig)
Organization: University of Applied Science Leipzig/ Institute for Printing, Processing and Packaging Leipzig

Prof. Dr. Lutz Engisch is head of iP3-Leipzig Institute for Printing, Processing and Packaging. He has experience in multiple R&D projects both in Industry and University.
Lutz Engisch studied chemistry and material sciences. From 2004 he was responsible for the Department of Digital Printing at the Institute of Print and Media Technology at the Chemnitz University of Technology.
He was able to further expand his international network in two longer stays abroad in Sweden (STFI Packforsk) and Australia (QUT Brisbane).
As head of the R & D department at SWG Frankenberg, he was responsible for the development of direct laser gravure systems (Cellaxy) and modern light-cylinder concepts for conventional printing technology.

About Webinar

Webinar aim

  • Better understanding of Innovation and Transfer processes as well as demands and constraints in Industry

What you will learn

  • Challenges in Innovation processes
  • Innovation Transfer
  • bridging the gap between Science and Industry
  • how to promote scientific ideas and results to successful projects

Resources necessary for the course

Expected impact of the course

  • Graduated students, PhD, Technology Transfer and/or Innovation Manager


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