Innovations from research

General information

Duration: 1.5 hour
Date: 17 December 2018
Time: 15.00 to 16.30 (CET)
Language: English
Venue: online
Cost: free


Name: Maria Smolander
Degree: PhD
Position: Research Team Leader

Dr. Maria Smolander is a research team leader of the “Flexible sensors and devices” research team which is part of the “Sensing and integration” research area. She is responsible e.g. for the leadership and operation of the team. Maria Smolander gained her PhD from the Helsinki University of Technology in 1995. Part of her PhD thesis was done during international research exchange periods to University of Cambridge, Technical University of Munich and University of Lund. During her PhD thesis she also had a position of the research assistant in the Academy of Finland. Maria Smolander is a certified IPMA-C Project manager and has been involved as project manager or WP leader in several EU and national projects dealing with functional solutions and power sources for different applications. Through her active role in EU-projects she has wide international contacts with Universities and Research Institutes. She has also been involved as the project owner or project manager in several development projects with industrial customers. She has contributed 38 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and several patent applications. Her h-index is 20 (Scopus) or 23 (Google Scholar). She has 54 presences in scientific conferences and 6 granted patents and additional 8 patent application families. She is also a member of VTT´s patent team for Flexible Electronics & Biosensors.

About Webinar

Webinar aim

  • Give examples of technology commercialization from VTT perspective.

Learning outcomes/ Skills / knowledge to be acquired through the webinar

  • You will learn ways to exploit your research results.

Resources necessary for the course

  • No requirements for resources.

Profile of the participants / knowledge requirements to complete the course

  • No particular requirements.

Expected impact of the webinar

  • Understand the importance of the foreseen end-user perspective.


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