Practical Training Courses


Training Courses

Practical training courses will be organized targeting at UNINOVA and I3N researchers providing them with practical knowledge and skills necessary to perform their research activities. The training courses will address small groups of researchers. The courses will be implemented between June, 2016 and June, 2018.

The following practical training courses are planned:

  • Consolidation of paper electronics technology
  • Exploiting the potentials of SEM/FIB station and AFM
  • Exploiting the SILVACO software for process and devices modelling
  • Simulation tests
  • Experimental conditions for fibres nanoparticles functionalization

All training materials will be made available for all BET-EU researchers.

The details of the upcoming virtual training courses (information on dates, trainers, registration and participation) will be published in this dedicated area of the BET-EU website.The courses will also be announced in the website´s “News” section.