Virtual Training Courses


Virtual Training Courses

Virtual training courses are organized in BET-EU targeting particularly at UNINOVA and I3N researchers in order to enlarge their spectrum of expertise and to increase their capabilities in specific research topics. These training courses are of approximately 2 hours and address small groups of researchers. The courses are implemented between June, 2016 and June, 2018.

All training materials are made available for all BET-EU researchers. The details of the upcoming virtual training courses (information on dates, trainers, registration and participation) are published in the following table. The courses are also announced in the website´s “News” section.

The following virtual training courses are planned:

Virtual training courses in transversal areas Virtual training courses in technical areas
Webinar on Intellectual Property: Prior art vs. Freedom to Operate from Academic and Industrial perspectives Webinar on Mechanical properties of nano-scale materials and thin films: Nano-indentation and related techniques
Communication Device-Circuit Interactions
Entrepreneurship Building blocks for wireless mobile communication on natural and synthetic paper
Portuguese and European funding programs:
Horizon 2020 and Portugal 2020 -
Opportunities for researchers
R2R versus bath processes for paper electronics
Business plan development Methods to promote paper/fibres functionalization