• WP1 – Management

    Workpackage leader: UNINOVA

    Management activities aim to ensure the successful and timely achievement of project goals, including the coordination of the technical execution of the project, provision of appropriate means for internal project communication, implementing financial monitoring, quality management, data management and interaction with the European Commission.

  • WP2 - Sustainability of Portuguese scientific and innovation strategy in materials excellence
    for paper electronics

    Workpackage leader: UNINOVA

    The involved activities will contribute to the evolution of the publications in high impact journals in the relevant research fields, further define UNINOVA’s and I3N (PT cluster) R&I strategy based on external EU member states partners’ inputs, create new funding opportunities for research and innovation activities and infrastructures in the PT cluster, define a manufacturing strategy for the paper electronics area and develop a sustainability for the project.

  • WP3 – Boosting research and innovation capabilities in paper electronics

    Workpackage leader: CNMT/I3N

    The involved activities aim to contribute to enhancing the scientific, technical and innovation skills of the researchers at UNINOVA and I3N (PT cluster), by a direct exchange of knowledge between researchers of the PT cluster and the international expert organisations. Through the one-to-one interactions, which include staff exchanges, expert visits, virtual training courses and practical trainings, researchers will be able to absorb knowledge directly from the experts in the areas of materials functionalization, nano-characterization and modelling.

  • WP4 – Networking for knowledge exchange

    Workpackage leader: CNMT/I3N

    The involved activities aim to foster the exchange of know-how and experience through the organisation of workshops, international conference, open day and summer schools open to non-BET-EU members, including students, experts, start-ups and companies.

  • WP5 – Spreading scientific excellence

    Workpackage leader: SPI

    The involved activities aim at enhancing UNINOVA and I3N’s visibility towards national and international stakeholders that can benefit from the scientific developments of the Portuguese research institutions, and that can at the same time contribute to improving their scientific and innovation capacity, in particular in the Paper electronics field, by being involved in the research activities (e.g. through new research collaborations).